I just pulled out my fridge and cleaned behind it. It was frightening back there. I am amazed my children don’t have some creepy rash or major respiratory problems. Still, I did find a nice pair of scissors and the list of summer concert series that we failed to attend.

I used to get caught up in not having enough time to do a major clean. Because I don’t have enough time to do anything. Because I have too many children and they have too many friends. But sometimes – like today – you just go for it. And you realize you can get a whole lot done in a little bit of time.

I set the timer for 20 minutes and when I hear that annoying beep, I allow myself 5 more minutes to wrap up and then I call it quits. Usually. Sometimes I become obsessed and then Andy comes home and then he looks scared and then he starts asking about his things while I say reassuring things like, I haven’t seen your watch or Well, maybe if you’d put your American Express card somewhere safe we wouldn’t have this problem or What sweater? He acts upset, but I know he’s just kidding.

Better Homes and Gardens just posted a bunch of tips on decluttering your life in 15 minutes or less. Take a peek here – you can read through these in a mere 3 minutes, giving you a full 12 to do something productive, like cleaning behind your refrigerator or filling a Goodwill bag with your husband’s possessions. Or both!