The death of my father was rough. As his oldest (I like to say favorite but…) daughter, I was responsible for everything, including planning his funeral, selling his car, and sorting through his entire life including personal items, clothing, papers, furnishings, photographs and treasured trinkets. I also had to renovate, stage, and list his property for sale. This endeavor took a toll physically and emotionally because I was – you know – sad. If I could wave a magic wand, I would make the process easier for the next person. And while I don’t have a magic wand – which is unfortunate for a myriad of reasons, I do believe that I was challenged with that hurdle for a reason: I am supposed to help others who are in the same tough spot of dealing with the grief of losing someone they love. This Good Grief service comes at a much lower cost than other services because I am in charge and drunk with power. If you are facing the challenges following the loss of a loved one – or would like to gift these services to a friend – I can help.

$150 | hour but please call for customized quotes as rates are negotiable based on circumstances

Typical time investment | as needed basis