A recent issue of Southern Living Magazine includes a picture of a gorgeous dining room with an upholstered door.

I must have an upholstered door.

IMG_0988 miles redd

I started hunting and found several tantalizing pictures of upholstered doors and I am even more obsessed. The animal print door is not only amazing, but if I used it for the bathroom door at the bottom of our hall stairs, it would cushion the landing when the kids fly down the staircase on Saturday mornings. And it would hide loads of dirt. Bonus!


I considered asking Andy Blackford to make one of these for me; mostly because I like to entertain myself by watching his eyes roll back in his head. That’s what my DIY ideas do to him.

But I didn’t ask him. Because I am sort of busy dreaming of upholstered doors.





Image By: Southern Living Magazine