Not even kidding, we ate Japanese noodles last night. Next time I am adding Sake. Or maybe I just add the Sake now. It’s 10AM. Viva la Japan!

If you’ve been following my blog, are a member of my immediate family, or happen to live in my neighborhood, you know that I am having a moment with Marie Kondo. Marie doesn’t realize this. Oh, Marie. But still, I am finding the joy, America. I am finding the joy.

My little obsession continues. Actually, it’s almost over but I haven’t had time to write because I’ve been busy throwing stuff away and asking the tough questions like Who used the Sharpie marker on the floor? and How come there is puke on the Hardy Boys book?

(Dear Librarian, your kindness and support is appreciated. Thank you for discreetly whispering: Mrs. Blackford, we aren’t going to charge you for those books, but do ask that you dispose of them yourself. Got it. )


Bet Andy Blackford did this. And not the girl with G and R in her name. Surely not her.

Bet Andy B. did this. And not the girl with G and R in her name. Surely not her.

My latest victim was the linen closet. It was sort of sad. Especially when you pull all the contents out and strew them all over the floor.

Dump it out. And then, well, dump it out.

Dump it out. And then, well, dump it out.

Now it is SO pretty I leave the door open and gaze lovingly at all those pretty sheets. As you can see, they are labeled with that Sharpie that was used on the floor.

Can everyone see this? Fingers crossed.

Can everyone see this? Look close.

And the labels are BIG because amazingly many of the people who live here, free of charge I might add, can’t seem to find one. single. thing. So now, even from outer space, all will know where to locate a pillowcase.


I whittled it way down. There are now two sets of sheets for every bed in the house, including the guest bed. Flannel / holiday sheets are stored on the top shelf. (Yes, I have holiday sheets. Everyone should have holiday sheets. That is how the holiday sheet makers pay the bills.)

Everything that was in good shape was donated to the homeless shelter. Everything that was torn or ripped was given to the animal shelter. I know, I know! Me and the animal shelter! Big!

Extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap are also stashed in the closet. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve heard I couldn’t find the toothpaste so I just brushed with water. Huh. Alrighty.


Here’s the earth shattering lesson of the day: Keep purging. It if feels like a lot to take on, try reading Kondo’s book. Or just skip that and drink some Sake.

See you next time at The Neighbor’s House!