The Neighbor’s House Services

Staging and Styling

Selling your house – or hoping for a magazine worthy space that will make everyone believe you’ve got your act together…even if you don’t? (And, really, who does?) The Neighbor’s House offers services to quickly and efficiently create an open, airy and uncluttered space. Closet and pantry organization, storage solutions, and clever editing will leave your home a little calmer and a lot less chaotic. Ah. Bliss.

Starting at $150 | hour

Typical time investment | 2 hours per space

Design Services

Home or office, small project or total overhaul, every space deserves a little love. Yes – even the laundry room. And that creepy space under the stairs. The Neighbor’s House will reinvent your space by blending the existing pieces you own and love with some gorgeous new elements including furnishings, fabrics, lighting and paint.

Starting at $150 | hour

Typical time investment | 4 hours per room

(Good) Grief

The death of my father was rough. As his oldest (I like to say favorite but…) daughter, I was responsible for everything, including planning his funeral, selling his car, and sorting through his entire life including personal items, clothing, papers, furnishings, photographs and treasured trinkets. I also had to renovate, stage, and list his property for sale. This endeavor took a toll physically and emotionally because I was – you know – sad. If I could wave a magic wand, I would make the process easier for the next person. And while I don’t have a magic wand – which is unfortunate for a myriad of reasons, I do believe that I was challenged with that hurdle for a reason: I am supposed to help others who are in the same tough spot of dealing with the grief of losing someone they love. This Good Grief service comes at a much lower cost than other services because I am in charge and drunk with power. If you are facing the challenges following the loss of a loved one – or would like to gift these services to a friend – I can help.

$150 | hour but please call for customized quotes as rates are negotiable based on circumstances

Typical time investment | as needed basis