I grew up in Clearwater, Florida with a mother who had (and still does) exquisite taste, a father who gave her free rein (and happily escaped to the golf course to avoid repainting the dining room – again), and a sister who did anything I told her to do, which included re-arranging furniture after school because I was (and always will be) five years older and she was (and still is) a little afraid of me.

I went to college in the fabulous New Orleans, surrounded by stately mansions oozing southern charm – and side streets filled with debauchery. The antiques and art and literature and architecture and food and drink and music and sheer spirit of the south made its mark on me. For that, I am grateful. And happy that I survived it all in the first place.

At age 19, I met a boy and moved to Denver (my parents were appalled). When that ended I started my career as an event planner and got married (my parents were thrilled). I designed special events and added marketing, PR, and blogging to my list of Very Important Skills. While doing so, I had four children in five years. I just couldn’t get enough of decorating those cute baby rooms so…you know.

I’ve been designing and re-designing my home(s) and the homes and offices and weddings and fundraisers and corporate events and cocktail parties of the not-always-rich and the kind-of-famous for so many years, I forget when it all technically started. I got the name The Neighbor’s House from my husband, Andy, who was planning on using the name for his new, pretend restaurant. I pointed out the fact that you can’t have a restaurant that only serves steaks and pancakes and burritos, and he generously bequeathed the name to me.

I believe that everyone deserves a happy space. That’s why God created wallpaper. I also believe achieving a great space doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Really. Beautiful taste and lots of cash do not always go hand in hand. Take a look at Brittney Spears and those people on Duck Dynasty.  I’m right. You know I’m right.

Even small changes can re-energize a space. By embracing the things you love, repurposing the items you need, and adding pieces that marry function and creativity, your home can become an inviting and inspiring place that is was meant to be.  So, take a peek at The Neighbor’s House.

Image By: Tannen Helmers