Martha Stewart's picturesque home.

Martha Stewart’s picturesque home is a really, really good thing.

I ask myself – several times a week – What Would Martha Do? Yes, that Martha. The Martha I love, wholly and without judgment. Even when I see her recipes and think are you &#$%% kidding me with this? I banish it immediately from my mind because it is a sin to think badly of Martha. Martha does not make mistakes. Except for the one little insider trading situation which was SO not her fault. I remember people saying Martha was forever finished and I thought these are the same poor, pathetic souls who don’t understand the purpose of coriander seeds. Shameful.

As you know, my friend and client Sara is gutting and renovating a house in Colorado and she is doing a stellar job. I am amazed by her sheer determination, her formidable energy and her exquisite taste. Martha would be equally impressed; and Martha isn’t easily impressed.

Just leave it like this, Sara. Maybe the neighbors won't notice.

Just leave it like this, Sara. Maybe the neighbors won’t notice.

In the midst of a major renovation, Sara is also contemplating a color for the exterior of her house because, you know, why not? So you know who I asked. And by asked, I mean googled. That’s right, folks. Martha. Martha’s gorgeous home, named Cantitoe Corners after an Indian princess (of course), is painted Bedford Gray. In my extensive research on Martha’s favorite everythings I found this older video showcasing Martha’s Maine home. Because why just have one ginormous compound when you can have several? That’s what I say. Who doesn’t want to pay more property taxes? Am I right?

This little gem was done for the Oprah show. Yes. Martha and Oprah together. Merry Christmas to us.

You think Oprah does her floors? I bet...

You think Oprah does her own floors? I bet…

Take a peek at how the other 1% lives and then consider some of the following combos for your exterior ( love the coral door idea!). Because it’s what’s on the outside that counts.


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See you next time at The Neighbor’s House!