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I will let you in on a little secret: I do not posses the patience gene.

I wish I did.

I can fake it when necessary. Like when I am stuck at a cocktail party listening to an anecdote about the pros and cons of all-weather floor mats (yes this really happened – and yes – you should feel sorry for me) or waiting for Georgia to get dressed.

Thank God I didn't push for the tights.

Thank God I didn’t push for the tights. The socks were a hard enough sell.

But patience is just not my thing. Hence, my love of store bought mashed potatoes…which are fabulous by the way and totally taste homemade when you dump them in your own serving dish and add a stick of melted butter (which would make a flip-flop taste good) and a generous dose of kosher salt.

Secret family recipe

Secret family recipe.

So I am intrigued by fabric paint. The whole tempting idea of changing my outdoor cushions for a mere twenty bucks and an hour of work is almost too much to handle.



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I haven’t tried it. Yet. Have you? If so, email me ( and let me know how it went. In the meantime, I’m considering painting a pair of off-white-too-tight pants a nice shade of black – much more slimming than yellow:



See you next time at The Neighbors House!