Tomorrow is Caroline’s birthday.

Caroline is the one on the left.

Caroline is the one on the left. Don’t you think she deserves homemade cupcakes (even though she asked for a two-tiered white wedding cake with chocolate strawberries on top)?


I am prepping to bake some cupcakes because I like to play this game called “I am a good mother and good mothers bake.” As usual, I am completely unprepared for not only the cupcakes, but the birthday in general.

I rummaged through my pantry to find cupcake liners and came up with this:


Did I mention that the birthday is a cowgirl theme? And her party (at a ranch an hour away) is tomorrow? And that I think using mason jars for this little shindig would be adorable? And that I don’t have one mason jar in the house because I used them all for an art project that James had to do for school?

I didn’t?

Well, in my down-to-the-wire research, I found this brilliant way to store cupcake liners. The liners don’t get crushed. Novel idea – uncrushed liners!

This idea works for those mothers who have their act together, who actually own at least one mason jar, who don’t use boxed cake mix, who don’t accidentally put the white soccer jersey in with the red flannel blanket, and who don’t ever use phrases like just stop talking to me for three minutes.