Board&Bolt's table will look even better once we add the wine.

Board&Bolt’s table will look even better once we add the wine.

We live in a society where instant gratification is a thing. And – I must admit – I’m a fan. I like things to be my way. Immediately. Hence my sick obsession the timer on my iPhone and my love affair with my Keurig that pops out hot, coffeehouse-style fancy lattes at the mere push of a button. I recently had a Christmas stocking monogrammed for the little darling, and I am talking with Andy Blackford about a college fund.

And while there is style to be had at every budget and in every timeframe, there is something to be said about having a few – or even one – special piece. As you know, I pulled together the Sherman family’s house in record speed and it looks amazing, but my favorite piece is the dining room buffet that was already in the home. It’s a family heirloom; it’s been well-loved and is a bit banged up but I would consider giving up the Keurig to have it as my very own.

When some clients hear the word ‘custom’ they think ‘expensive,’ but the two don’t always have to go hand-in-hand. Clients and friends Christy and Patrick recently moved into a stunning space in the hip LoHi neighborhood and the entry space simply spoke to us and said, nicely but firmly, I’m going to need something special here.

We listened. Then we called Drew, furniture guru and owner of Board&Bolt. He met us in LoHi, measured the space, and discussed table options including dimensions and finish. Then we told Drew that the ginormous table was going to hold barware and an obscene amount of wine (Patrick is in the wine business – this is what my mother meant by marry for love) and then Drew explained to us, again and with even more patience, that a 115 inch table required supports or we would be standing in wine. So we told him to go ahead with his plan because he’s good at math and stuff.

Well? The table is gorgeous. It’s made from reclaimed wood. It’s local. It fits the space perfectly. It was less expensive than something from Restoration Hardware, but way more special. It was not delivered in a box that said Amazon. It cannot be found on Overstock or Target. It is a showpiece. It holds wine. It’s a forever piece. Also, it holds wine.