If I were to make a pro/con list regarding working with friends and clients who live in my Mayberry-like-but-way-better-neighborhood-because-there-is-always-a-happy-hour-somewhere, I would for sure have more items in the ‘pro’ column. The easy commute, the access to friends who work from home and have an impressive collection of tools and a willingness to help me at a moment’s notice and the understanding that children, both mine and theirs, are always in the mix make designing for neighbors dreamy.

The cons? Well, what if they hate it? Would I have to move? Would there be whispers at the swim meets? Would I (dear sweet Jesus please no) have to give back the pinot noir and get kicked off the Superbowl party list?

Good news – nobody has hated anything. At least not yet. Or at least not that I’ve heard. The Robinson redo was a surprise, concocted by Keith for his wife Nancy and their four children and happened while the family was out of town. The Ambroses knew their refresh was happening but they, too, were traveling. So I, along with the family’s dogs Fletch and Lucy, revamped their living room. Take a look:


(ok – not a ton of before pics because I’ve been in the Ambrose’s house 1,937 times)





paint | Monroe Bisque and White Dove

drapery | custom

artwork on mantle | owner’s private collection by George Rodrigue

artwork on side wall | private collection

rug | Ambrose Carpet and Flooring

accessories (bar, mantle, coffee table), throw, pillows |  HomeGoods

pillow (couch) | Ikea

coffee table | All Modern 

photos | after | Erik Sabato Photography

photos | before | Stephanie’s overworked and under appreciated iPhone

See you next time at The Neighbor’s House!